Digitisation and conservation of cultural heritage

Qidenus Technologies was initially founded in 2004 by Sofie Quidenus as a spin-off from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Soon after its inception Sofie managed to form a young and powerful team consisting of internal specialists in the fields of manufacturing, product development, product design, marketing and sales.

Besides that, it has always been a task of highest priority to establishing strong and long-lasting partnerships with international distributors as well as manufacturing cooperators.

Today Qidenus Technologies looks back at more than 10 years of experience in development and manufacturing, which resulted in global patents that include the unique and fully automatic page turning system.

As a direct consequence of the accumulated knowledge and constant innovation, Qidenus introduced the 4th generation of its three product lines – ROBOTIC, MASTERED and SMART – which were specially designed to cover the entire spectrum of book digitisation.

Executive Team

Aleksandra Jankovic
Chief Financial Officer

+43 1 2362 433 15

Sergiu Popa
Chief Technical Officer

+43 1 2362 433 12

Ovidiu Cojan
Chief Commercial Officer

+43 1 2362 433 17


Andreas Jurjanz
Head of Business Development ArQi, Germany

+49 (0)171/4299821

Konstantin Thaa
Account Manager

+43 1 2362 433 17

Goran Aleksic
Technical Representative
Sahil Jones
Technician – Manufacturing
Julia Anna Schön, Mag. MA
Archivist, Historian

DigiCenter Team

Katharina Holzer
Quality Assurance
Franz Houska
Quality Assurance
Murat Kömurcü
Quality Assurance
Maximilian Stolze
Digital Production
Valentina Urban
Digital Production
Sophie Tautorus
Digital Production
Peter Khür
Digital Production
Nicole Shier
Digital Production
Wolfgang Riegler
Digital Production
Petra Vecera
Digital Production
Viola Kmetyko
Digital Production