Digital Library

A Complete Solution to Bring Your Library Online


Is your library looking for a reliable solution to digitize books, make them available online and preserve them for the future? Are you searching for ways to make it easy for your members, the general public, scientists and researchers to access your library’s collections (whether on a subscription basis or for free) from the comfort of their home or workplace? Do you feel increasing pressure to create accessible, reliable, high-quality digital library content now that most people prefer to stay at home or work from home?

If so, Qidenus Technologies & iGuana can help. We can support you and your library every step of the way with the iGuana Digital Library solution. We designed this solution specifically to provide libraries with all the necessary tools, software, scanning equipment, knowledge and technology to ensure that your project to create, manage, promote and maintain your Internet library / e-Library is a lasting success. We would be thrilled to assist your library in preservation and dissemination of knowledge and information for the benefit of current and future generations.


 A Total Solution for Your Online / Internet Library


The iGuana Digital Library solution comprises and addresses all aspects of the process, from digitization of books using top-quality book scanners, to capturing, processing and enhancing digital images using advanced capture software for cultural heritage & archives, to archiving of digital content and management of physical objects / books, all the way through to making digital content accessible online via a subscription portal.

The iGuana Digital Library solution runs on one, single iGuana iDM software platform. We provide you with one solution, one system, one point of contact for all your needs. Find out more about what iGuana’s Library Information System (LIS) / Library Management System (LMS) has to offer below:

High-quality Book Scanning

Scan your books using world-leading, premier-quality Qidenus book scanners provided by us or scan your books using any other book scanner of your choice

Capture & Image Processing

Use the iGuana Capture Software for Cultural Heritage & Archives to clip, crop, split, stitch, enhance & optimize images; index, add & extract metadata

Future-proof Digital Archiving

Automatically archive digitized books in a future-proof, continuously accessible, highly structured and secure manner in the iGuana iDM digital archiving system

Physical Book Management

Track and always know the location of physical books / objects in real time. Use an easy search function to find and locate the required books in your library

Online Subscription Portal

Make digital books accessible via an online portal on a subscription basis or for free (or both); user registration, easy book search, viewing, reading, downloading, etc.

1. Scan Your Books with Qidenus Book Scanners

Scan the books in your library collection using world-leading V-shaped Qidenus book scanners manufactured by Qidenus Technologies, an iGuana company. These book scanners are already used by libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural heritage organizations all over the world to digitize books in accordance with the highest preservation standards and to produce digital images of archival quality. Alternatively, if you already have book scanners installed in your library or prefer to purchase book scanners of another brand, that’s not a problem at all! Our solution can work with and pilot virtually any type of scanner.


2. Capture & Process Digital Images, Add Metadata

The iGuana Digital Library solution incorporates Capture Software for Cultural Heritage & Archives, part of the iGuana iDM Software Suite. It allows you to digitize a wide range of cultural heritage & archive materials and process large amounts of images & metadata. Using this software your staff can easily perform a host of image processing, editing, enhancement & optimization tasks including, but not limited to: clipping, cropping, splitting, stitching, colour management & enhancement, etc. Last but not least, you can easily add to / extract metadata from scanned images. Think OCR, ICR, OMR, Dublin Core, catalog metadata import, etc.


3. Create a Future-proof Digital Book Archive

What is unique about the iGuana Digital Library solution is that it also serves as a full-blown, future-proof digital archive for your electronic books / collections. Digitized books / content together with associated indexes / metadata are archived in digital form in a highly secure, revision-proof and structured manner. Importantly, your digital collections are stored in an unalterable non-proprietary format to guarantee future accessibility. This is imperative if you wish to ensure that your digital library will remain accessible to future generations. Lastly, a structured digital archive makes it very easy to search for and retrieve any book / file / document within a matter of seconds.


4. Manage Non-digital Objects i.e. Physical Books

The iGuana Digital Library solution provides a tool to help you manage non-digital assets i.e. physical books on your library’s shelves. Although the solution is designed to primarily help you manage your e-Library, the iGuana library management system is also designed to ensure that you are in control of your physical collections. With the iGuana Digital Library solution you will always know the exact physical location of every single book in your library. All you need to do is to open up a search in the iGuana software system and enter the search criteria to easily locate the book you are looking for. You will know if and where it is at the library, whether it is absent because it was borrowed, etc.


5. Launch an Online Subscription Portal

The iGuana Digital Library solution comes with an online portal which you can use to allow library members, researchers and the general public access to your digitized book collections. You have the option to offer a subscription service to your members, display content for free or offer a combination of both. Visitors to your online portal will be able register, subscribe, search for, view, read, download and perform other actions in relation to the books that are of interest to them via a user-friendly, intuitive interface. It is up to your organization to decide what actions portal users will be able to perform with digital books.

Choose Your Qidenus Book Scanner

Choose the right book scanner(s) for your needs: Qidenus Robotic Book Scanner (fully automatic), Qidenus Mastered Book Scanner (semi-automatic), Qidenus Smart Book Scanner (manual), or a combination of them. Contact Qidenus Technologies for expert advice.


Watch this video of the Qidenus Mastered Book Scanner, the most versatile scanner in the Qidenus book scanner portfolio.


Capture with iGuana Software for Cultural Heritage

iGuana Capture Software for Cultural Heritage & Archives is a full-blown, all-in-one digitization platform to scan and digitize a wide range of cultural heritage & archive materials and process large amounts of images & metadata.


Watch our online demo to see it in action!