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Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR)
Optical character recognition (OCR)
Public Private Partnership (PPP)

Many Libraries and Archives do not want to run digitisation projects by themselves. These customers prefer to outsource projects to specialists. For this reason in 2007 Qidenus Technologies launched its Digitisation Service Center in Vienna, which conducts certified project and process management in order to run high scale top quality digitisation projects at its best.

With a highly specialised team any kind of book, bound material, archive material, photos or loose documents in formats Din A8 – Din A0 can be digitised. These services includes logistics and storage of material, scanning / image capturing, image processing, quality control, metadata integration, object character recognition and data conversion.

To support customers globally with digitisation services, partners around the globe are running Service Centers based upon the technical infrastructure of Qidenus.

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Carefully all documents are taken out of its inherent location, classified, documented and prepared. Upon request this task can be fulfilled by ICARUS.

All documents are scanned with the patented Qidenus technology which secures the highest standard in terms of document protection but also quality output. This happens either on site or in one of Qidenus’ or its partners digitisation centres. Wherever possible, people from Synapse and/or Specialisterne will be used throughout this process to integrate people with special needs into the process.

After the digitisation the archive receives all files and can publish them immediately for non-commercial usage on its existing platform or on a whitelabel portal offered free of charge.

After the digitisation the archive receives all files and can publish them immediately for non-commercial usage on its existing platform or on a whitelabel portal offered free of charge.

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Optical character recognition (OCR)

More and more customers do want to go further with their digitisation efforts: Extracting the textual content out of images and making it computer searchable has become a desirable outcome.

OCR is the conversion of images of typed or printed text into machine-encoded text. For many years Qidenus is already working with the world market leaders of automated software based OCR and is offering optical character recognition either as a software licence to its customers for self-service or as a service through the Qidenus Services Center

Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR)

Whilst OCR is extracting typed or printed text out of images, the extraction of handwritten text is for many customers still a manual process. Since the beginning of its foundation, Qidenus’ aim was to make historical text available to the public. With this objective in mind, Qidenus started early to engage with the scientific community specialised in automated handwritten text recognition (HTR) to build a software based indexing service that allows a cost effective, rapid and scalable extraction of hand written text.

With this vision in mind, in 2015 Qidenus conducted for the very first time worldwide an industrialised extraction of handwritten text with more than 10 Mio pages.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)

Many customers have realised in the last few years that the topic of digitisation leads to a set of follow-on topics related to storage, data management as well as the cooperation with new partners. Based upon the request of numerous customers, Qidenus Group has for this reason kicked off a net new offering in 2015, addressing specifically these challenges: Within the framework of a public private partnership, Qidenus is developing solutions in mutual collaboration with the respective archives to open up new resources through digitisation projects, to manage the entire value chain and lastly to add new sources of income whilst providing the perfect framework of historical preservation.

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