Every opportunity is a problem yearning to be overcome.

The saying that a problem is just an unused opportunity holds true even nowadays. Qidenus has been represented at the event hosted by the China National Library Association in Taichung through Tommy Chiu and China System, albeit not without the occasional problem posing an aforementioned “opportunity”. Our two systems, a ROBOTIC and a SMART, have been on their way to China from a previous event in Cape Town and were expected to arrive in time for the preparations. Interestingly enough, many problems occurred simultaneously, delaying our plans significantly. We, however, do not shy away from a challenge and tackled the issues immediately. A painstakingly rigorous and therefore inconceivably long process ensued, which delayed our already thinly stretched time table even more and resulted in us having to create an alternative, seemingly out of thin air. Finally, the hard work, effort and time that went into resolving the problem allowed us to come off victorious. It is undeniable that we have gained much more experience and knowledge due to this unforeseeable chain of events in addition to all the new partners and business relations. Despite all these problems we have managed to be present at the event and made quite the impression on many visitors, making the entire undertaking a definite net success. Now, we are eagerly awaiting what kind of challenges the next events might entail.