Japan – A new business adventure

The trip to Japan – a positively amazing country – was divided into two distinct parts, the first one of which revolved around the Qidenus SMART book scanner. It is the first of its kind in Japan, which made its installation particularly exciting and unique. Hence the feedback we received upon demonstrating the ability and sophistication, which Qidenus scanners are known for, was quite remarkable. Everyone involved displayed great enthusiasm for future cooperation. As it is with all machines, a certain amount of training is absolutely necessary in order to properly operate one. Said training was swiftly completed, after which the second part of the trip began. It was a mutual exchange of ideas and opinions about the best ways to chase new business opportunities in Japan. Additionally, it has to be said that one of the most stunning features of this trip was the country itself, which was in its exceptionalism only rivalled by the welcoming and hospitable nature of its people. At last, we would like to thank everyone at Ostrich very much for a most sublime trip and the opportunity to meet and work with such enthusiastic and professional businessmen.