Document & Book Scan


Intuitive. No training needed
instant image capturing
plug & play system
Qidenus Swan is a versatile document and book scanner that offers high speed scanning and can accommodate a large variety of material.
Invoices, contracts, files, magazines, books, etc. do not present a challenge to the Swan Scan, rather day-to-day business.
Give it a try and convince yourself that #itsthateasy!
LED light, No IR/UV
Dual camera system
Twin flaps cradle
Cradle angle adjustment
10'' touch screen display

times faster than flatbed scanners


inch touch screen display


ppi resolution


Incredibly Fast

10″ Smart Touch Screen

Image Enhancement

PDF Conversion

Direct Printing

Multiple Pages



Scans All Document

Smart File Naming

The most common source of grievance for anyone using scanners is its lack of speed, especially with bound materials. The process of scanning can not only be very time-consuming but may even harm the material.

SWAN Scan is the solution!

With its two CMOS sensors, it scans two pages at once in less than a second! Because of the placement of the sensors above the document and its own LED lighting combined with the V-Shaped adjustable cradle, it can scan a single page documents just as easily as entire books! One only needs to place the document in the scanner and press a button.
It scans faster than you can turn the page!

This is a fraction of the time it would take an ordinary scanner to digitise a similar document. Moreover, due to the V-Shaped book cradle, it is no longer required to unbind bound materials. All one needs to do is turn the page.

Plug and Play!

A QuadCore PC is integrated into the SWAN making it completely independent. Everything can be controlled through the 10” touch-screen and transferred to a USB-Stick or via WIFI for complete autonomy.

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