The SMART path to digitisation

Our long-time customer, Bibliothèque nationale de France, just published their Schéma numérique, a digitisation plan, as of march 2016. The report with approximately 120 pages includes numerous aspects, one of which is a plan to establish a collection for digital references. In order to achieve their goal of mass-digitisation, BnF will utilise Qidenus Book Scanners as part of their fleet of over 25 scanners, which are situated in three different locations. Bussy-Saint-Georges, Sablé-sur-Sarthe and most famously Paris. This allows the different departments to focus on certain analogue materials, which results in a great coverage of texts, pictures and objects.

Many of our customers use the SMART system to scan large books of sizes up to A1 at an acute angle so as to avoid opening them too much, which would strain the spine and damage the structural integrity of the book. This protects the original documents, which are often fragile and have to be handled cautiously. It is this kind of feature, among many, that proves particularly useful when attempting to digitise large quantities of books. The report even displays a picture one of our SMART Book Scanners in action, which is used all over the world.

The two digitisation centres in Paris have been charged with the task of processing around 13.000 commissions by customers annually. Due to the fact, that we are managing a digitisation centre of our own, we can truly appreciate the scope and scale of this undertaking, of which we are very grateful to be a part.