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We produce state-of-the-art, market-leading book scanners and work with a continuously expanding network of international distributors and resellers to deliver book digitization solutions to libraries, archives, universities, museums, government organizations, cultural heritage & other institutions all over the world.

Since our inception in 2004, Qidenus Technologies owes its success to a strong team of specialists in manufacturing, product design & development, engineering, marketing & sales who were able to establish Qidenus as a globally recognized brand in just over a decade.

Qidenus Technologoes is part of the Youston group of companies.

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Sergiu-Mihai Popa
Sergiu-Mihai PopaManaging Director
Dominique Maton
Dominique MatonSales

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Explore our range of state-of-the-art book scanners designed for scanning & digitization of books & bound materials. Qidenus book scanners are robust, made of top-quality materials, and are truly future-proof.

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As Qidenus Technologies we are interested in building profound and long-lasting relationships with our partners in various fields & industry sectors, and work closely together to achieve common goals.

Creativity, innovation & humanity form the basis of our relationships with partners, and will remain so as we continue to expand our network of similar-thinking individuals & organizations.

Trusted Partners

Our valued partners are an integral part of our success as a company and as a brand. We work with partners from all over the world, helping them deliver innovative book scanning solutions to libraries, archives, universities, museums, governments, municipalities, cultural heritage institutions & other organizations.


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