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We produce state-of-the-art, market-leading book scanners and work with a continuously expanding network of international distributors and resellers to deliver book digitization solutions to libraries, archives, universities, museums, government organizations, cultural heritage & other institutions all over the world.

Since our inception in 2004, Qidenus Technologies owes its success to a strong team of specialists in manufacturing, product design & development, engineering, marketing & sales who were able to establish Qidenus as a globally recognized brand in just over a decade.

Qidenus Technologies part of KRONSEGA family.

Meet Our Team

Sergiu-Mihai Popa
Sergiu-Mihai PopaManaging Director
Dominique Maton
Dominique MatonSales Manager
Gabriela Stegaru
Gabriela StegaruOffice Manager
Bogdan Andrei Popa
Bogdan Andrei PopaKey Account Manager
Nicoara Octavian
Nicoara OctavianMarketing Manager
Zoltan Fekete
Zoltan FeketeHead of R&D

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Explore our range of state-of-the-art book scanners designed for scanning & digitization of books & bound materials. Qidenus book scanners are robust, made of top-quality materials, and are truly future-proof.

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As Qidenus Technologies we are interested in building profound and long-lasting relationships with our partners in various fields & industry sectors, and work closely together to achieve common goals.

Creativity, innovation & humanity form the basis of our relationships with partners, and will remain so as we continue to expand our network of similar-thinking individuals & organizations.

Trusted Partners

Our valued partners are an integral part of our success as a company and as a brand. We work with partners from all over the world, helping them deliver innovative book scanning solutions to libraries, archives, universities, museums, governments, municipalities, cultural heritage institutions & other organizations.