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QiCapture Software

capture software for qidenus book scanners

QiCapture is a simple-to-use, practical book scanning software (for image capture & processing) designed specifically for Qidenus book scanners: Qidenus Robotic Book Scanner, Qidenus Mastered Book Scanner & Qidenus Smart Book Scanner.

QiCapture software incorporates a variety of great features, such as image capture (scanning or import), image processing & editing, easy insertion, rescanning, deletion & reordering of scanned pages, metadata creation & insertion, batch processing & status monitoring, workflow / job management, quality control, automatic device recognition, export scheduler, and more. Last but not least, operators can perform all their work directly within QiCapture’s user-friendly interface. In addition, QiCapture fully supports latest Microsoft Windows OS environments as well as single camera or dual camera configuration.

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