Project: Paragon

Largely affordable digitising solution

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Affordable for everyone

Small libraries often operate with limited budgets, making it challenging to invest in expensive digitization equipment. Project Paragon offers an affordable alternative. It minimizes the financial burden on these institutions, allowing them to allocate their resources effectively.

We’re making it simple

Complex, hard-to-operate scanning equipment can be intimidating for small library staff who may not have extensive technical expertise. Project Paragon addresses this challenge by providing a user-friendly interface and simple operation. This means that library staff can quickly learn how to use the scanner without the need for extensive training.

Top of the line scan quality

The system provides high-quality scans, ensuring that the digitized materials are clear and legible, which is essential for research and educational purposes.

Flexible as a main concept

Project Paragon can handle a wide range of book sizes and formats, accommodating various materials in the library’s collection.

Struggling with work space?

The compact design of the scanner doesn’t require a significant amount of space, making it suitable for libraries with limited room for equipment.

Impressive scan speed

Our Paragon Book Scanner 1.0 boasts an impressive scanning speed of 1,500 pages per hour, ensuring that you can digitize large volumes of books and documents quickly and efficiently.

Fitting your needs

The scanner accommodates standard A2 size documents, with customization options available on demand. This flexibility ensures that the Paragon Book Scanner 1.0 can meet your specific scanning needs, no matter the size of your materials.

Built for versatility

The V-Shaped Book Cradle with a 120-degree opening angle provides optimal support for delicate books, reducing stress on the spine. Additionally, the flat book cradle with adjustable book spine support allows for versatile scanning of various book types and conditions.

Convenience and control

The scanner offers both semi-automatic and manual operating modes. This dual-mode functionality provides users with the flexibility to choose the most suitable mode for their specific scanning tasks, enhancing both convenience and control.

No UV or IR

Equipped with a specially designed LED lighting system that meets museum standards, the Paragon Book Scanner 1.0 ensures high-quality scans without exposing your materials to harmful UV or IR light. This makes it ideal for preserving the integrity of valuable and delicate documents.

Trusted Partners

Our valued partners are an integral part of our success as a company and as a brand. We work with partners from all over the world, helping them deliver innovative book scanning solutions to libraries, archives, universities, museums, governments, municipalities, cultural heritage institutions & other organizations.