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QiREAD Family: Modern Library Solutions

QiREAD (Qidenus for READers) is an Integrated Library System (ILS) designed to streamline information management for libraries and companies seeking automation. Unlike traditional ILS systems, QiREAD offers an even broader range of functionalities, making it more accurately described as a NILS (Neo – Integrated Library System). While traditional ILS systems cater to standalone libraries, QiREAD envisions a global exchange of information among libraries and other information holders, requiring innovative tools and modern software.

Web-Based and User-Friendly

QiREAD stands out by being a web-based application, ensuring ease of use and high portability. It boasts a simple yet visually appealing graphical user interface that enhances workflow. Accessible via popular web browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Chrome, QiREAD ensures a seamless user experience.

The Versatile QiREAD Family

The QiREAD family comprises three distinct applications tailored to different library needs:


Designed for small-to-medium libraries, such as school libraries, QiREAD.Lite is a standalone application. It caters to single users or small local area networks (LANs) with a limited number of users. While offering powerful features, this version does have restrictions on the total number of records that can be stored. QiREAD.Lite often utilizes the PostgreSQL database for its efficiency and effectiveness.


Geared toward medium and large libraries, QiREAD.Standard is a robust version of the ILS. It operates as a Client/Server system for multiuser applications. This version encompasses all the standard functions of a traditional ILS, serving as a comprehensive solution. QiREAD.Standard is compatible with both PostgreSQL and Oracle Database, with no variance in system performance.


Catering to massive national and international projects centered around Information Retrieval, QiREAD.Expert stands as a modern Digital Library System (DLS). It marries the strengths of traditional ILS with specialized DLS functionalities. Some Expert options, like FRBR cataloguing, are exclusive to this version. The inclusion of Oracle’s Content Management, Real Application Cluster, and Disaster Recovery components positions it as the optimal choice for ambitious projects.


QiREAD.Lite is a library software package specially designed for small libraries like school, public, or corporate/company libraries. These libraries require software that is easy to use, cost-effective, and dependable. They also need to ensure that their solution can be extended and connected to larger systems used by bigger libraries. This enables small libraries to harness the capabilities of larger ones and participate in the broader information exchange.

Easy-to-Use Solution

QiREAD.Lite offers an intuitive user experience, minimizing complex data input forms. An extended version of the forms is also available for more comprehensive data needs with just a single click.

Versatile Usage

This version of QiREAD.Lite is suitable for a single user or for use on small local area networks (LANs) with a limited number of users. Each license permits installation on a single computer for use by one user at a time. Alternatively, it can be installed on a small LAN server, allowing access for a restricted number of users within a smaller network environment.

Comprehensive Modules

QiREAD.Lite offers modules and functionalities similar to the superior versions of QiREAD. It provides the power of QiREAD.Standard for individual users.

Modules included in each version of QiREAD.Lite are:

  • WebOPAC: Enables patrons to search the library’s collection, place holds, and more.
  • Z39.50 Client: Expands library connections to larger sources of information.
  • Cataloging & Holdings: Simplifies information cataloging and enhances library control.
  • Circulation: Provides user-friendly procedures for check-out, check-in, and managing patron information.
  • Reports: Generates library paperwork and statistics for various uses.
  • MARC Editor: Empowers cataloging using the MARC standard.
  • Administration: Offers comprehensive system control.

Essential Functionality

QiREAD.Lite version focuses on providing essential functionality for staff in small and medium-sized libraries.

Bibliographic Metadata Made Simple

QiREAD.Lite offers templates for bibliographic metadata that are easy to understand.

Streamlined Document Circulation

QiREAD.Lite supports crucial document circulation activities in small and medium-sized libraries with limited staff.

QiREAD.Standard: Modernizing Library Management

QiREAD.Standard is the pinnacle of QiREAD’s capabilities, providing Multiuser access to library information. Medium and large libraries often choose this comprehensive package to automate their operations.

Client/Server Architecture

QiREAD.Standard is built on a Client/Server architecture, necessitating a server machine. For hardware specifications, refer to the “QiREAD – System Overview” brochure. Client computers must support the TCP/IP protocol and run web browsers that handle Cookies & JavaScript (e.g., Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera). Client-side hardware usually aligns with standard web browser specifications.

Network Implementations

LAN (Local Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), or WAN (Wide Area Network) setups suit QiREAD.Standard. A single library within a LAN network can streamline all its departments’ operations if they’re housed in the same building. MAN configurations cater to libraries with branches distributed across a city, while WAN architecture handles libraries with branches spread throughout a country.

A Revolutionary ILS

QiREAD.Standard isn’t just another standard ILS. It’s crafted using the potent framework of TINREAD.Engine, making it a Neo-ILS with exceptional capabilities. The system’s modules and features set it apart from conventional products.

Modules in QiREAD.Standard:

  • WebOPAC: Patrons can search, place holds, and access multimedia materials via a unified interface that integrates various sources.
  • Cataloging & Holdings: Comprehensive cataloging capabilities with multiple MARC formats and innovative global editing holdings procedures.
  • MARC Editor: Empowers cataloging using multiple MARC formats with customizable fields, subfields, and indicators.
  • Circulation: User-friendly procedures for check-out, check-in, reservations, and complex transactions.
  • Acquisitions: Seamlessly connect to company databases for ordering, with efficient follow-up procedures.
  • Serials Control: Manage subscriptions, orders, claims, and more for serials with ease.
  • Reports: Generate customizable reports, including scheduled and distributed processing reports.
  • Z39.50 Client: Connect to larger sources of information using various formats.
  • Z39.50 Server: Transform your library into a worldwide source of information, contributing to large/national projects.
  • Administration: Control the entire system, defining user classes, access rights, and more.

Empowering Library 2.0

Modern libraries require contemporary applications that embrace the latest IT&C implementations. QiREAD.Standard meets this demand by offering modern functionalities and cutting-edge technologies. It’s fully UNICODE compliant, accommodating diverse languages and search sensitivities.

Beyond technical standards, Library 2.0 signifies interaction between librarians and users, as well as content creation. QiREAD.Standard fosters this interaction, enabling users to contribute content, access external sources, and engage with library services seamlessly. The QiREAD environment empowers both librarians and users, making management tasks accessible.

QiREAD.Standard: Your Library 2.0 Solution.

QiREAD.Expert: Elevating Information Retrieval

QiREAD.Expert, the most advanced version within the QiREAD family, is meticulously designed for substantial national and international projects focused on Information Retrieval. It offers a comprehensive solution that covers every facet of such important undertakings.

A Modern Digital Library System (DLS)

QiREAD.Expert represents the pinnacle of the QiREAD family, providing the best features and functionalities. This special version not only encompasses the entire functionality of a traditional ILS but also introduces specific capabilities tailored to the realm of Digital Library Systems (DLS). Many Expert options set it apart from the Standard version, such as FRBR cataloging. Leveraging Oracle’s Content Management, Real Application Cluster, and Disaster Recovery components, QiREAD.Expert is optimized for these ambitious projects.

Specialized for Consortia

An exceptional feature of QiREAD System is its ability to handle extensive consortia implementations. The Consortium Module, available exclusively in the QiREAD.Expert package, is tailored for consortium structures of libraries. This enables national-wide shared catalogs or massive specialized projects. QiREAD.Expert adapts to various consortium implementations, whether “weak” or “strong,” and “horizontal” or “vertical.”

Extending Module Functionalities

Cataloging Module

  • Shared Cataloguing: QiREAD.Expert’s Cataloging module allows shared cataloguing capabilities due to its finely controlled access rights. Define access rights for users or user classes from menus down to subfields and indicators, ensuring a real bibliographical authority level for a shared catalogue.
  • Multiple MARC Formats: QiREAD.Expert supports multiple MARC formats within the same database, enabling retrieval and display without format distinction.
  • FRBR and Labeled Format: Extending cataloging limits, QiREAD.Expert supports FRBR descriptions, offering labeled or MARC format display options, and even the ability to navigate the FRBR hierarchy.

Digital Library Capabilities

  • Content Module: Add digital information to bibliographical records, encompassing various formats like text, audio, video, and more. Structured content and formatting produce accurate digital representations.
  • Annotation Module: Allow users to annotate text, creating a personalized “self-database” for consulted documents. Annotations are linked to the exact place in the full text, aiding learning and research processes.
  • Domains of Interest and Digital Collections: Organize and personalize domains of interest and digital collections, providing organized access to specialized information.
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM): Incorporate Digital Rights Management to control access and usage of digital media objects, adhering to copyright and intellectual property standards.

Enhanced Module Features

Special features are embedded within each module to augment their functionalities:

  • Circulation Module: RFID capabilities and SIP2 integration for self-checking devices automate loan and discharge processes.
  • Extended OPAC: SIP2 calls for real-time bibliographical item availability retrieval.
  • Communication Integration: Email, SMS, and WAP integration for enhanced communication in Circulation or ILL messages.

QiREAD.Expert merges robust ILS capabilities with cutting-edge digital functionalities, making it an ideal candidate for national catalogs and extensive digital libraries.

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