Digitisation Expo 2016 – Vikmans

We have had the immeasurable pleasure of attending the India Digitisation Expo, to which we have been invited by our partner VIKMANS. It is always particularly eventful and informative when the best of any industry meet and inspire one another to pursue a higher level of technical ingenuity. It was, as expected, an enormous exhibition with over 100 high-end scanners and our ROBOTIC book scanner was right among them. A truly global range of exhibitors from Austria to Taiwan showed there most technically advanced and sophisticated scanners to enthusiastic visitors. Representatives of Parliament, Ministries, State Government Administration as well as National Archives and IT Professionals, just to name a few, were present at the event and had the chance to see the various scanners for themselves. The presence of our ROBOTIC scanner has received special attention as this marked its introduction to the new market. Apart from the thrilling event, one could not help but be amazed by the remarkable and exotic landscape and culture of the exposition´s host country, India. The entire schedule offered such varied program as a cultural evening, the exhilarating event itself as well as a beautifully planned and charming garden party. We are very grateful to VIKMANS for all they have done for us and are eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to work together with them. We even had the honour of being mentioned in the official press release, following the end of the event.