Preservation and Restoration 2015 – Poland

This event seems to grow larger with every year, which is also why we are proud and thankful to have been invited by our polish partners Digital Center to represent Qidenus Technologies once again. We have been given the opportunity to display our most current version of the ROBOTIC book scanner, fully equipped with the new Canon 5Ds, which reaches an image resolution of 600 ppi. Poland´s capital city, Warsaw, was where the event was held in its entirety, much to our delight, since it is beautifully modern and welcoming, even though the temperatures clearly indicated that winter is inescapably approaching. Very promising as well was the level of interest and knowledge displayed by the visitors, both of which seem to have increased in comparison to previous years. This trend is representative of a larger movement towards digitisation and preservation of knowledge and information, which can be seen across the globe. A result of this is that many more people decide to engage in an active discussion to change and improve the industry through interactions with passionate and ambitious people, which leads to creative approaches, astounding ideas and awe-inspiring projects. Many institutions and companies have expressed interest in cooperating in the foreseeable future, which will surely pose many challenges in such a technology driven industry as the one we find ourselves in, where changing standards are what pushes everyone to be innovative and to overcome the seemingly insurmountable. We thank our friends from Digital Center Poland for the opportunity and are keenly awaiting the next event.