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Qidenus Robotic Book Scanner

Qidenus Robotic Book Scanner is a fully automated, market-leading book scanner designed for large scale book digitization and 24/7 operation. This robotic book scanner with an 80 degree V-shaped book cradle and automatic glass plate can work in compliance with the FADGI and Metamorfoze preservation standards and features one-of-a-kind, automatic page turning system (the Bionic Finger). Bionic Finger mimics the natural movement of a human finger, ensuring that every page is handled precisely, delicately and with utmost care even in a fully automatic mode.

Qidenus Robotic Book Scanner is available in A3+ & A2 sizes, scans virtually all types of books, offers scan speeds of up to 2.500 pages / hour, handles originals of up to 160 mm thick, utilizes the latest high-end CMOS sensors, and produces archival-grade images. This unique book scanner can also switch to semi-automatic and manual operating modes with a mere push of a button.

Specifications Description
Operating Modes & Scan Speed 3 in 1 : Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual
Max. 2.500 pages / hour
Book Cradle 80° opening angle
Automatized side flaps
Adjustable book spine support
Glass Plate V-shaped glass plate
Aluminum light weight frame
Hardened / double coated / 3 mm thick glass
Customizable (glass, acryl, easy mount)
Page Turning Technology Bionic Finger System in correspondence with unique single page control guarantees automated page separation & turning
Single Page Control Light density sensors ensure automatic measurement of page density and guarantee that only one page is turned and scanned at a time
Lighting System Specially designed LED – museum standards
No UV / IR
Paper Weight & Quality 30 – 350 g/m² in all textures and qualities
Can scan brittle, acid, torn and single pages
CMOS Capturing System Canon D-SLR 850D
Canon D-SLR 5D Mark IV
Canon R5
FUJI GFX 100 / 100S
Compatible with all future camera developments
Optical Lens Systems Sigma 30 mm
Carl Zeiss 35 mm Milvus
Carl Zeiss 50 mm Milvus
Carl Zeiss / Sigma / Fujinon
Compatible with all future lens developments
Capture Software Comprehensive QiCapture software suite for image capture, processing, quality control, workflow management, etc.
Automatic Processing Creation of templates with pre-defined settings for fast processing
Image Formats JPEG, TIFF, RAW, PDF
Additional format implementation on demand

Qidenus Robotic Video

Key Qidenus Robotic Book Scanner Features
  • Page turning technology (Bionic Finger)

  • Manual, semi- and fully-automatic operating modes

  • Available in A3+ and A2 sizes

  • 80-degree V-shaped book cradle

  • Scan speeds up to 2,500 pages/hour

QiCapture Demo

Capture Software for Qidenus Book Scanners
  • Single or dual camera configuration

  • Image capture, processing & editing

  • Easy page insertion, rescanning, reordering, deletion

  • Job / workflow management; quality control

  • Export scheduler; format choice: TIFF, JPEG, PDF, etc.

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Qidenus Robotic Book Scanner

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